The real reason you and I love the IPL

Abhijit Bharadwaj
1 min readMar 29, 2022


“Can he do a Tewatia? “

Harsha Bhogle said this earlier today during Lucknow Giants vs Gujrat Titans first IPL match.

Funnily Bhogle said that while Rahul Tewati was batting and had hit his first six of the match.

That Tewati has become a noun that is also used when Tewati himself is batting is of course the result of his 5 sixes in one over during last year’s IPL.

There are two men all over the internet today.

The lesser famous man is Rahul Tewatia — who used his hands to smack his nemesis and all those who didn’t believe in him, AGAIN!

In one of the best pieces of cricket writing read this piece from Cricinfo, aptly titled “Tewati and the romance of struggle”. Fast forward to the last 30 secs of this video referenced in the article, where Tewatia tells Axar Patel- “You have to fight for your rights”. (“Apne Haq ke liye ladna padtha hain”)

Tewati means it 100% when he says those words, not so much to Axar, but to everyone in that fabled dressing room, and perhaps most to himself.

Tewatia, the man who has been with 4 franchises in 5 years has had his share of fights.

After showing the world what he can do last year, he has done it again.

Only time will tell, if he get to see a hattrick of this performance this IPL

Till then, Tewati and many others like him fight for their HAQ in the IPL



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