Perspective change is a real thing

Source: Ana Haber Gazete (Turkey).

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to refresh my understanding of Product Management techniques and today while speaking to dear friend, I uncovered useful aspects of my current role that I wasn’t aware of. My friend helped me position and understand the purpose of my role very differently (and better) than I had ever imagined. This is the real power of “networking”. The perspective we get into what we are doing in our daily lives (personal and professional) and how we can position and align it to our future goals is really underestimated esp. when you are comfortable today and dont “need” it.

Imagine if I had had this conversation last year! I would have learnt so much by now. But then again, life is too short for regrets, so knowing what I learnt today will help me see my current position in a new light.

The bigger takeaway is, imagine if we spoke to someone, we wanted to be in 10 or 20 years from now. How much can their journey and experience guide us in navigating all the usual ups and downs that life will throw at us.

Its very hard to have this perspective while you are in the “down”. I have been there many times and so have you. But if somebody would have told us that the “down” is natural, and share few things that they did while they too were “in” the down, then suddenly the whole perspective to the situation changes.

Perhaps this is the reason why some of the biggest athletes, businessmen and entrepreneurs have a life coach. I always used to wonder — What can a life coach teach a Nadal or a multi Billionaire. Looks like even such accomplished individuals can use a perspective shift when dealing with their challenges.

My takeaway- Speak to 1 new person/week. Connect with the person every 2–3 months. Be the new person for someone else and pass it on.

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