The Billion dollar lottery ticket machine ??

“The odds of winning were 1 in 302.5 million. 1 in 302.5 million!! No one has stopped forward to claim the $1.05B lottery ticket sold in Novi, Michigan”

They keep saying this all day on TV!

I just keep looking at these numbers all day : 4–26–42–50–60 and Mega Ball 24

I have to reveal identity by Jan 21,2022. Remaining anonymous is not an option in Michigan because this is a national lottery and they want real people to stand (and smile) in front of those millions of cameras.

But what if I am kidnapped, as soon everyone knows my name?

What if I become like one of those folks who won big and then lost it in a few years?

Do I really need to go back to my job? Will my friends look at me different?

But what have I done to really deserve this money? Is this some kind of reward from my previous birth?

Maybe I will just buy a private island and then “go off the grid” for a few years.

What if I just donate half my money to “charities”, Will that make everyone happy and leave me alone?

There are reporters everywhere in my town now. I heard they have trying to get their hands on the CCTV footage at that Kroger’s . They don’t care about Novi, Michigan, never did anyway.

What was I doing at Kroger’s that day? I heard they will make half a million dollars for selling me that ticket. What did they do to deserve that money? I was the one who paid for it!

I have a choice of whether to split that money up into 30 annual installments or to take an upfront cash of $776.6 million minus a couple hundred million for taxes.

Why should I pay Taxes? Other billionaires don’t pay taxes, so why should I? Bloody Dems!

(Overhears someone saying something)

“ Are you talking to yourself, again?”

Sh*t, gotta go!

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