Lab grown meat can now be sold in US

Abhijit Bharadwaj
2 min readJun 23, 2023


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“Life finds a way,”

30 years ago, in June 1993. Audiences around the world heard this iconic line onscreen by “Jeff Goldblum” line in the film –Jurassic Park.

I remember watching this film with my brother and late uncle in Bangalore, a magical city-then and now

“Life find a way” is the best way I sum up the happiness I felt when I read about

The exciting development that “lab-based meat” has received US FDA approval to be sold in the US

We have all seen or tried not to see videos all over the internet that show the cruelty towards animals

grown specifically to satiate our hunger.

But of course, all of that is hard to remember when you are hungry. I am as guilty as anyone else.

India is one of the few countries where “meat” is never addressed as “meat.”

Rather it is called “non-veg”

Its one of the things that make the word “non veg” uniquely “desi” or Indian in a country that exports

$4.5B worth animal meat each year.

Like “good” and “non not good”. “Non veg” stands for all things that are not vegetarian.

The definition of non veg varies significantly based on whom you ask, where they live and most

importantly, who is asking the question.

I have eaten “plant based” meat, and I have loved it. I find no difference between “plant” and “real” meat.

I understand this is an entirely opinion, but I would like to believe many would agree with me.

Plant based meat is however significantly more expensive than “real” meat today, which is one the biggest

barriers from high market adoption all over the world today.

Beyond the usual suspects “Beyond meat” and “impossible” burger,

There are many standalone restaurants all over the world that serve plant-based meat like “Stalk and spade” and The Herbivorous butcher” in the Minneapolis- St Paul neighborhood

So, how will “lab” meat taste? I will let you know once I eat it.

But, will eating “lab” meat make the person a “non vegetarian” ?

The jury is still out on that one, the simple answer is “it depends” 😊



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