Jenny is saving the world again, and this time she really means business!

Perhaps the most important human endeavor to save humanity, the Ocean Cleanup Project is trying to clean the Great Pacific Garbage patch that is nearly twice the size of Texas!

I recently learnt that the first two iterations of the system used by the Ocean Project for the trash collection called “Wilson” and “Jenny”- are named after the characters from the iconic Tom Hank’s starring films Cast Away and Forrest Gump respectively. In Castaway ,”Wilson” is the volleyball that Hanks’ character speaks to for four year while marooned on an island, and in Forrest Gump, Jenny is Hanks’ love interest who inspires him to find his greatness in spite of his visible shortcomings. These films that pay tribute to the indomitable human spirit continue to inspire us even today to do the Impossible. “Jenny” and “Wilson” continue to be the source of strength and hope against all odds. I guess when you are trying to do something that will change the world its always a good idea to have Tom Hanks on your side :) Maybe the third iteration from Ocean Cleanup should be named “Finch” !

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