Home-coming: Part 1

Abhijit Bharadwaj
2 min readJul 7, 2022


Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Its 1AM, actually 1.04 AM

Usually, I am in bed by now

But today, I can hear every second passing by.

I am not in bed, because I am outside.

I am in a school, a school compound to be precise.

The same school, I grew up in.

I am surrounded by people. People I have known for a long time

People who were there, when I was a kid at this school.

People who now have kids my age or older.

All of these people are looking, staring at the thing that’s lying-in front of me.

I wasn’t planning to be here.

A call brought me here. A call from my supervisor’s boss at 11 PM.

I had been drinking and having some fun.

It was just the start of the July 4th weekend.

Then I saw a few missed calls on my phone, and then heard the Voicemail.

Someone had found a suspicious looking device lying in my high school compound.

After all these mass shootings happening everywhere, they didn’t want to take a chance

And I was the closest Bomb Disposal expert in the area

So, I was called in, and in 2 hours I found myself back in my hometown

I tried to focus, but all my memories from this building and my time here kept coming back…

to be continued…



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