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“Hi Dad…. I have officially graduated B school. …Love You Dad.”

Think, that was cue for me to jump in joy.

Didn’t work.

I lay perfectly still. Didn’t move an inch.

Couldn’t move, even if I wanted to.

I had been lying on this bed, in the same…

The original master of 6 word stories

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway and , here are my attempts at 6 words stories

  1. The original Robinhood didn’t take commissions.
  2. 2. “I can’t breathe”. Make it count.
  3. 3. Dying to get vaccinated. Not everyone.
  4. 4. Now Showing: Horrible Bosses getting fired.

Inspired by Abbas Karimi. Thank You for your spirit.

She emerged from the pool. Her body glistening slightly as the sun slowly started to bid farewell like a reluctant lover who hangs on the front perch not ready to leave, just yet. She looked at the pool- her friend, her happy place, that always welcomed her, whenever she needed some solace. She took her in and she surrounded her with all the little bubbles working tirelessly to wipe her tears and the worries away.

She looked at the dance of the departing sun jump off the soft ripples, smiled and looked towards her metal friend waiting for her. She loved her too, just in a different way. She pulled her electric wheelchair towards herself, making herself comfortable on her chariot, letting her body and mind rest.

Another day conquered.

Madhu has broad forearms and a beautiful smile. Her long hair cascades beyond her waist . Today Madhu has tied her hair in a tight bun. Her eyes are shinning bright and her arms while covered in a khaki uniform are working overtime.

Madhu was born Madhusudan, but realized very…

The phone rings, and I pickup with lots of hesitation.

“Yes Mom. I am fine”’…. “Love you”

That’s about 7 words.

I can only speak 100 words in a day.

I suffer from a strange disease that allows me to speak for only 2 mins/day

So that about 100 words/day.

Getting a driver’s license is perhaps the biggest expression of freedom and a rite of passage into adulthood for many teenagers. The ability to drive a car opens up a world of possibilities that cannot be replicated by hailing a taxi or an Uber/Lyft. We enjoy journeys when we are…

Abhijit Bharadwaj

Trying to write 200 words a day, everyday. Exploring ideas that are entertaining and socially relevant.

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