Madhu has broad forearms and a beautiful smile. Her long hair cascades beyond her waist . Today Madhu has tied her hair in a tight bun. Her eyes are shinning bright and her arms while covered in a khaki uniform are working overtime.

Madhu was born Madhusudan, but realized very…

The phone rings, and I pickup with lots of hesitation.

“Yes Mom. I am fine”’…. “Love you”

That’s about 7 words.

I can only speak 100 words in a day.

I suffer from a strange disease that allows me to speak for only 2 mins/day

So that about 100 words/day.

Getting a driver’s license is perhaps the biggest expression of freedom and a rite of passage into adulthood for many teenagers. The ability to drive a car opens up a world of possibilities that cannot be replicated by hailing a taxi or an Uber/Lyft. We enjoy journeys when we are…

Abhijit Bharadwaj

Trying to write 200 words a day, everyday. Exploring ideas that are entertaining and socially relevant.

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